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Essential Software For Productivity to Boost Efficiency and Streamline Task Management

Productivity tools can make a profound impact in your work and life. While some productivity hacks may work for others, you need to find something tailored specifically to your workflow and learning style.

The best tools for increasing productivity consist of features that simplify tasks and enhance communication, and can also help increase focus and reduce distractions.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a suite of cloud-based productivity tools used for creating, editing and sharing files in real time. Employees can work from any location with any device – eliminating email’s inherent delay and increasing overall company productivity in an effective manner.

Google Docs also offers users with various add-ons that can increase productivity. The Table of Contents add-on makes creating a table of contents in your document easy, while Lucidchart Diagrams enables them to easily create flowcharts and other visual diagrams right within Google Docs.

One way to increase productivity with Google Docs is by learning keyboard shortcuts. Learning keyboard shortcuts can save a significant amount of time while making editing processes more efficient; such shortcuts include text formatting, editing, comments management and navigation as well as menu navigation and management.

Google Docs also features useful templates and spell checks. With plugins such as Wordtune you can rewrite documents to break writer’s block faster and eliminate grammar and spelling errors more efficiently – some plugins may even help prevent plagiarism! Some of these plugins may be free while others require payment.

Box Notes

Box Notes is a lightweight editing tool that provides users with tools for taking notes, scheduling meetings, sharing project workflows and version management – including customization options – in real-time collaboration on projects and documents. Although it doesn’t provide as comprehensive an experience as Microsoft or Google’s productivity suites, Box Notes remains useful to teams looking for real-time collaboration on documents or projects.

To create a new Box Note, navigate to the folder where you’d like the note stored and click “New Box Note.” When finished entering content, just close your tab and save automatically; your Box Note will then appear when you revisit that folder later, as will its latest version of itself.

Box Notes provides real-time collaboration in a secure environment. Its cloud-native features help businesses capture ideas, collaborate on documents and manage project plans all from one convenient place – creating the illusion of working as though sitting side-by-side. Messages in the comment box can be seen by all authorized users while @mentioning allows users to tag specific team members directly. Furthermore, text formatting, callout boxes and code blocks can all be added easily for greater productivity.


There are various apps designed to help people achieve peak productivity. From email management software like Kiwi for Gmail to project tracking tools like Clickup, these applications provide tools that allow people to stay on top of their workload and meet deadlines with ease. Some even come equipped with Pomodoro timers which enable users to manage distractions and stay focused during each work period.

Engross is one of the best apps to increase productivity, using Francesco Cirillo’s Pomodoro technique to help users focus and avoid distractions. This app breaks up work into short 25-minute work periods with breaks between, tracking distractions so users can keep an eye on how often they get distracted, and offering users access both on iOS and Android platforms.

Focus@Will is another fantastic productivity app designed to increase efficiency. Its customizable playlist has been scientifically proven to increase cognitive performance, helping users enter a “flow” state where they become fully immersed in their work and more easily achieve goals more efficiently. Plus, motivational music keeps users on task!


Calendly is an intuitive meeting scheduling platform with powerful features that is perfect for businesses of any size – from individuals to large enterprises. It helps close deals faster, find candidates quickly, and expand businesses faster while offering integrations with other tools to streamline workflow.

Premium users of this app have access to more advanced features, including integrations with videoconferencing and communication platforms as well as automated email reminders and follow-ups that make keeping track of meetings easy. This makes sure they don’t get missed or misplaced!

Calendly provides additional features, including the ability to set recurring meetings or events with multiple attendees and set them for fifteen, thirty or sixty minute duration. Furthermore, this software checks your availability and highlights free slots in your calendar with green dots indicating availability.

The app also allows users to easily create multiple teams. Each team consists of an owner and unlimited admins who can tailor their settings and event types as desired, share templates with fellow team members easily, invite new members with just a click, as well as automate reminders and email follow up for each event type.


Slack is an invaluable productivity tool that enables team collaboration. However, improper usage may turn it into a distraction and increase internal communication problems in teams. Information noise, notifications that never end and lost messages all add up to create inefficiency amongst colleagues.

Unfortunately, this can be addressed using some simple strategies. Teams should implement “Do Not Disturb” mode and customize notifications accordingly in order to avoid unnecessary interruptions, specially during free hours when they indulge themselves into playing PC games or slot games on websites reviewed on; using search function as well. Another great strategy would be ensuring all channels contain only relevant conversations; finally teams should integrate tools like Google Drive, Trello or Asana into Slack workspace so as to reduce switching between different applications.

Other useful strategies for using Slack are creating a dedicated “Slack space” and keeping chat clean, to increase productivity by eliminating distractions. Furthermore, its search feature quickly locates files and documents. Slack can also be used to share screens or audio with teammates quickly – and even serve as an audio or video conferencing call!


nTask is a project management software with numerous features designed to aid team collaboration and productivity. Teams can create and assign tasks from one central workspace, communicate between members through team chat, log time on specific tasks, generate reports with custom visualizations and log their hours at specific intervals. There’s even a free trial available, while paid plans offer unlimited workspaces and tasks, mobile apps, integrations and 24/7 customer support – perfect for team projects!

With nTask, teams can efficiently coordinate workflows and prioritise tasks to ensure all are completed on schedule. This app allows them to track task progress using different work views like Gantt Chart and Calendar View and provides real-time notifications as well as document sharing capabilities. Furthermore, Kanban boards make managing projects simpler while sharing files among team members.

nTask’s project management features include tracking tasks in Gantt charts, grid views or calendar views and setting milestones. Furthermore, this program can create and assign tasks for projects as well as record meetings with an agenda, discussion notes, follow-up actions and key decisions; plus it sends meeting reminders and email notifications directly to participants.


Apploye is one of the premier tools to boost productivity within any team or business. With features that allow employees to track their time, monitor work processes, eliminate distractions in the workplace and communicate more efficiently between workers and business owners – as well as monitoring reports delivered daily, weekly or monthly – Apploye is ideal for small businesses or startups alike.

Advanced time-tracking software from P3 Time Tracking automates online time sheets and generates invoices/payrolls automatically for users, while creating invoices/payrolls automatically as well. Shift management is made simple; tasks may even be assigned back in someone’s absence if need be. Furthermore, GPS trackers allow field staff members to be tracked via GPS trackers while creating client databases/organizing projects can all be tracked using P3’s platform which is accessible on various devices/operating systems simultaneously.

Managers can use Remote Monitoring’s remote monitoring feature to keep an eye on employees without breaching their privacy. Its tools capture random screenshots at regular intervals that can be viewed on a dashboard, recording app and URL usage counts so managers can identify areas for improvement quickly.